The AWS Cli is written in Python and uses the boto3 library as its interface to AWS. Boto3 is a very powerful and elegant library if you want to interact with AWS in your code.

You can typically install it with pip install awscli

In case you haven’t already set up your AWS Credentials please follow the AWS CLI docs for setting up your basic credentials.

How to call the AWS CLI

The basic command structure of the AWS CLI is

aws [options] <command> <subcommand> [parameters]


aws cloudformation describe-stacks --stack theserverlessway

by adding help to the end of a command you can get the help output, e.g.

aws cloudformation help

Profile and Region

The --profile and -region argument are your main options to select where to point the AWS CLI to. Especially when you’re working with organisations and multiple accounts (and you should) these options are very important.