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The Serverless Way is a Consulting Company founded by Florian Motlik.

With new Services getting released constantly AWS is becoming more complicated every day. Coupled with a lack of Usability in their tooling and documentation this can quickly make teams less productive than they could be.

After years as Co-Founder and CTO of Codeship and CTO of Serverless Inc I’m now helping teams to become more productive in their use of AWS. Specifically I can help you to

  • Improve your processes by learning to use CloudFormation, the AWS CLI and other AWS tools effectively
  • Improve your Architecture through reviews and including new services into your infrastructure
  • Improve your processes by focusing on fast deployment, automated testing and clean releases


  • Codeship
    • Building a scalable CI/CD system on AWS
    • Help hundreds of teams directly to improve their CI/CD practices and general development use cases
    • Consult with customers on their infrastructure to make sure it fast, secure and easy to change
  • Serverless
    • Led the re-write of Serverless from 0.x to 1.x together with a large community of Open Source contributors
    • Talked with and helped many companies, from small teams to large enterprises, with their infrastructure
  • Regular Speaker at Serverless Conferences
    • ServerlessConf 2016 London - Getting the most out of the Serverless Framework - Video
    • ServerlessConf 2017 Austin - How Infrastructure Tooling will make or break Serverless Infrastructure - Video - Slides
    • ServerlessConf 2017 New York - Serverless and Software Craftsmanship - Slides

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